Theresa Catharina de Góes Campos


A fast but confusing world
commanded by devices
of all kinds, all around us.

Feelings became invisible
may be surrendered by
modern technologies.

Poetry, chased away,
though strong, defiant.

Will devices rule our world?
Or heroes  will come to defeat
this new device's power?

 Take a daring step: give
a unicorn to a dear friend.
Have a pocket full with
clouds of all shapes and
the divine rainbow colors.

For a few minutes, leave
your devices: let' s learn
to be a quiet bird watcher.

Theresa Catharina de Góes Campos
Brasília - DF, July 28, 2017

From: Elizabeth Fernanda Campos Barros
Date: 2017-08-01

Gostei muito, Tia, parabéns!
Beijos da sobrinha, 

From: Maria do Carmo Pereira Coelho
Date: 2017-08-01

Monumental! Forte!
Maria do Carmo


Jornalismo com ética e solidariedade.